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GetInTouch Lets Your Viewers Control Real Gadgets Live In Your Stream

Give Your Audience Control

GetInTouch is a Twitch Extension which lets your viewers control real gadgets you have set up in your stream. This enables your viewers to interact with you live during streaming by controlling:

Twitch Sings - Bring The Action!

You sing, your audience goes crazy! With GetInTouch you can create your viewer controllable light show for your Twitch Sings perfomance. More fun for everyone!

Make Your Stream Unique

GetInTouch supports a lot of gadgets - your Twitch stream becomes different from others.
Choose your gadgets and build your unique streaming experience for you and your viewers.

Arduino Support

Are you a maker? Use GetInTouch to connect your Arduino project to your Twitch stream. Let viewers control the Arduino live, set parameters and fire actions. We provide you an easy interface with our Arduino library.

Bits In Extension

Let your viewers trigger real actions in your stream and let them support you with each action. You can decide if they have to spend some Bits for a certain action or not.

Get Started Right Now

Start today, bring your stream to the next level with GetInTouch.

Stay Tuned

We are working on more features and gadgets which will be available soon. Follow us on twitter to stay up to date.

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