Getting Started

How to setup GetInTouch

Introduction for Streamers

GetInTouch is a Twitch Extension which lets viewers of a stream control cool gadgets during streaming. To use the features GetInTouch has to offer you have to install an application on your PC, this application will find all supported gadgets and provide them to the Twitch Extension. After that you can easily configure your gadgets on the configuration page of the Twitch Extension.
This tutorial will show you how to use GetInTouch in your stream.


  • A Twitch account as a streamer
  • A PC running Windows 7/8/10 (other operating systems will be supported soon)
  • Optional: Some first gadgets

Install Twitch Extension

To install the Twitch Extension, follow these steps:

1. GetInTouch Dashboard Go to your dashboard.
2. GetInTouch Extension menu Click on menu entry "Extensions" on the left side.
3. GetInTouch Searchresults Search for GetInTouch.
4. GetInTouch install Extension Click on install.
5. GetInTouch configure Extension Click on Configure.
6. GetInTouch access key You will get a key for your GetInTouch application. Keep on installing it.

Install GetInTouch Application

Download the application. This is a Windows program which connects the gadgets to the Twitch Extension.

  1. Install the GetInTouch application, follow the instructions provided by the installer.
  2. Start the GetInTouch application on your PC. During the first run of the application there can be an automatic software update to the latest released version. The software checks for new releases on each startup.
GetInTouch connection key Enter your key
After running the application you will be asked for a key. This is the key you got on the Twitch Extension configuration page.
GetInTouch is connected Connection
When the application is connected, it will appear in the system tray as a green icon.

You are all set now, get ready to configure your gadgets.

Configure Your Gadgets

GetInTouch activate Gadget Activate Gadget
Each gadget can be activated and deactivated separately.
Set the checkbox on the left side of your configuration panel to activate the appropiate gadget.
GetInTouch change order Change Order
To change the order of gadgets, just move them via drag & drop to the position you want.

You have multiple options to configure each gadget. Press on the config button to configure the individual settings of a gadget.

GetInTouch change icon Change Icon
If you click on the icon on the left side, you can change the gadget icon.
This icon will be shown in the gadget list visible to your viewers.
GetInTouch change amount of bits Bits
The viewer has to spend this amount of Bits before the gadget may get activated.
It is also possible to configure gadgets with 0 Bits, so viewers don't have to spend Bits for this action.
GetInTouch change name Change Name
You can give an individual short name to each gadget (up to 40 characters).
GetInTouch change description Change Description
The description should describe the gadget and explain the viewer what will happen if he triggers it.
GetInTouch change description Upload an Image
Optionally you can upload an image of the gadget that your viewers see it.
This image will be displayed beside the description. It will be scaled and cutted to a square of 200 x 200 pixels.
GetInTouch Gadget preview Preview
You may use the preview button to activate a gadget for test purpose. After pressing the button you'll see the same view/window which your viewers will see if they activate the gadget.
This gives you the possibility to test your gadget. No Bits are needed for testing.
GetInTouch delete gadget Delete Gadget
To remove a gadget from the list, it has to be absent.
If the gadget is absent, you will find a delete button on the top right corner of the config of the gadget.
Every time a gadget is found by your GetInTouch application, the gadget will be added to the list again. If you don't want to use a gadget just deactivate it.

Activate Extension

GetInTouch activate Activate for your viewers
Don't forget to activate the Extension for your viewers in your Dashboard.
You can choose between three types:
  • Component: You can place the Extension in your stream (prefered is the right side)
  • Overlay: The Extension will be diplayed as a video Overlay.
  • Panel: The Extension will be diplayed as panel under your stream.
GetInTouch activate Enable Extension
Sometimes you may want to stream without using GetInTouch.
You can deactivate the panel for viewers very fast with the "Extension enabled" checkbot on the top.
This checkbox is also available on your GetInTouch live view panel on Twitch Dashboard.


To uninstall the GetInTouch application follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, and then click "Control Panel".
  2. Under Programs, click "Uninstall a program".
  3. Select GetInTouchApp in the list of programs.
  4. Click "Uninstall" at the top of the program list.