Philips Hue

Let Your Viewers Control Your Lights


To use the Philips Hue system with GetInTouch you need a Philips Hue Bridge and some lights which can change its color. A selection of lights you can find on our gadgets page.

Setup Philips Hue

GetInTouch supports all color lights of the Philips Hue system.
To use them, setup the lights in the Philips Hue App first. If they are available on the App, follow these steps:

GetInTouch open Hue-Control Open HueControl
Right-click on the taskbar icon of the GetInTouch application and select "Philips Hue".
GetInTouch - follow instructions Follow Instructions
In the HueControl window you will get information about each step.
  1. Search Hue Bridge.
  2. Press connect button (if this is the first time connecting).
  3. Search for lights (automatically).
  4. Working - The window shows you the amount of lights found by the application.